Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2AM = Random Thoughts + Update

Recently, one of my friends (who just started getting in to the gym) was telling me about how he has been going to the gym 4 days/week every week religiously... he's just not seeing any results. He was extremely discouraged and I could understand why. However, he can't honestly expect to go to the gym for 2 weeks and have incredible results and be able to reverse 20 years of wrongdoing (eating junk food, not exercising, etc). It just won't happen. The majority of people who quit going to the gym, quit because they weren't seeing results. The ironic part is that all of those gym goers were just weeks away from seeing the first signs of change. In a way, they were struggling to climb a mountain and just when they are one foot away from reaching the top, they say "f-ck it, I'm out," when that last foot is what will make all the difference. 

Just the other day, I was informed I talk about the gym far too much and that I need to stop relating everything to the gym. (No surprise that this came from someone who is out of shape and has never stepped foot in a gym.) That may be true, but I do this for a reason. In this life, your body is one of the very few things that you have complete control over. When you make a transformation, you can say "I did that. Me. No one else." You have total control over how your body looks, so when someone is actually willing to let their body go to sh-t and stay that way, that only says one thing to me: They lack the will and dedication to achieve their goal physique. My viewpoint is that if someone can't take care of their body, they can't take care of anything else, whether it be business, school, or relationships. Their mindset is so weak that they actually start to blame outside sources for their problems. They start making bullsh-t excuses like "oh that's all genetics, only good genetics can achieve that." If they actually buy into that, then no wonder they're going to be mediocre for the rest of their lives. It's not until you say "F-ck it. That may be how society has written it, but thats not how its going down for me" that you start paving your own path towards achieving your goals.

People nowadays are too content with waiting for their destiny for them to reach their goals, when instead, they could be actively working towards achieving that goal. When you have the determination... fate, destiny, and chance are all taken out of the equation and you start paving your own path in life. While we're still on the subject of philosophy and motivation, nothing makes me more mad than when someone says that someone else is being 'unrealistic' with their goals. Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity. When you have the determination, you WILL reach your goals no matter what. There is no pre-determined fate that can stop someone who has the willpower and determination. The saying that "some people are just destined for greatness." is extremely flawed in my opinion. Greatness exists in everyone, its not some elusive aspect that only few people have. It's in everyone. Whether people actually take advantage of its is a completely different story. 

That pretty much sums up all of the thoughts that I've had tonight. I've rambled on enough I think...

Anyways, my cut is still going strong: I weighed in this morning at 192.8, so I'm averaging 0.5 to 1lb lost per week, which is a great pace believe it or not. 1 to 1.5 lb a week was my goal but with a wedding coming up in 1 month, I might speed it up a little bit (need to look good for wedding pictures ya know? haha). Right now, I've been sticking to my 2600 calorie cap religiously, but I'm highly considering dropping that down to 2100 cals. If I do decide to lower my calories to 2100, I should be able to hit 180lb in 1 month easily. Depending on how I look at 180lb, I might cut down further to a lean 175. 

Quick shot of my tri's before a workout. Definition is 
definitely starting to get better as my cut goes continues.

Bicep peak is starting to get better, serratus is starting to
become more apparent. The biggest thing that I need
to fix is my forearm size. I've been hitting forearms hard 
lately, so the size should start evening out soon enough.


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  2. You focus is pretty inspiring - I've been starting to do some light exercise lately because I'm so dang skinny! Problem is, I can't do any cardio due to a heart problem. Have any tips? I have hardly any fat but also almost no definition lol.

    Anyways, keep up the great work friend!

  3. Thanks for the kind words!

    Cardio is beneficial... but it is by no means necessary (especially when you're trying to put on mass). Putting on mass is as simple as counting your calories and hitting a certain number of calories every day.

    To put on mass, first go to here and find your caloric maintenance level. Once you have the number of calories to maintain, simply add 500 cals to that number. If you eat at 500 calories above maintenance, you'll put on lean mass at a pretty good pace. As for your nutrients, I always aim for a 40:40:20 ratio of Protein:Carbs:Fat. However, the most important aspect is meeting your daily caloric goal.

    Another important thing is protein. In my opinion, the most important time to take in protein is after your workout. Either have a 50g protein shake or eat a good meal with a solid amount of protein and carbs.

    As for your actual work out, I'd highly reccomend Layne Norton's Power/Hypertrophy routine. It is by far the best routine I've utilized so far. If you have heart problems, I would suggest taking 1-1.5 minute breaks between every set. This should ensure that your heart rate stays relatively low.

    Good luck! I hope my advice helped. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  4. Yeah some people want a great body but don't have the dedication to obtain it.

    Keep it up with the cut.

  5. I have been doing exercises with my Kinect. I stopped for a while because my school schedule kept me very busy. I have noticed that I am getting stronger!

  6. So glad I'm back to blogging - this post was the motivation I think I needed.
    "I did that. Me. No one else." You have total control over how your body looks, so when someone is actually willing to let their body go to sh-t and stay that way, that only says one thing to me: They lack the will and dedication to achieve their goal physique.
    <3 Thanks - reading every day!


  7. Grats on doing awesome!
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