Sunday, March 25, 2012

Update... Many months later.

Well here's finally an update that has been long overdue. To be honest, I completely forgot about this blog for awhile, until recently. Anyways my cut was fairly successful, I'm down to roughly 175lbs now. From Aug 1 to Dec 1, I went from 206 to 174lbs. I let myself go for awhile over the summer, but finally got it together and had a successful cut. I've been eating at maintenance for awhile, but now I'm starting my cut again. I might go down to 170 or even 165, at least until I see my 2 lower abs.

The diet that really helped me cut down successfully was my own modified version of the Warrior diet. I've basically been lifting in the evening while fasted and then having a huge meal afterwards. That makes it so much easier to hit my macros and caloric goals for that day. So essentially, I'm only have 1 or 2 meals, but within a 2 hour time-frame. It was pretty rough for the first couple of days, but afterwards, everything was smooth sailing. If anyone is having trouble shredding weight, I'd highly suggest it. Here are some current pics at around 175lbs:

I started cutting again about 2 weeks ago, using the same modified warrior diet. I think I have approximately 5-10more lbs to lose until my lower abs will finally show. My lifts have shot up while on the warrior diet as well. It's pretty mindblowing. I went from benching 225 for 4-5 struggling, to hitting it for 12 easily. I also hit a 300lb bench PR @ 174lbs.


  1. Brah you coulda probably hit 315

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