Monday, May 23, 2011

An Update (Just a few months late!)

Finally an update! And its only a few months overdue! My mini-bulk went pretty well, I got back to my old stats pretty quick (~7 or 8 weeks). In that short time, I definitely gained a lot of mass back that I lost. Well, I'll let the before and after pics do the talking:

My arms definitely got bigger and I got a little bit leaner at the same time. Huge thanks to Layne Norton for his amazing Power/Hypertrophy split. I'm actually stronger now than I was a few months back before I stopped lifting.

I started my cut a week and a half ago and I'm slowly shedding the pounds away. I'm averaging 2lb/week which is a little bit fast, but not too bad. I shouldn't lose TOO much muscle by the end of the cut. My macro's that I'm maintaining are simply 40/40/20 Protein/Carbs/Fat. My maintenance is roughly 3400 cals and I'm cutting at 2600cals. I haven't hit a weight plateau yet but once I do, I'll most likely get on oxyelite pro or EC stack if I'm daring enough. But overall, my cut is going well, I'm starting to lean up fairly quickly and noticing some results. Especially in my vascularity and leg definition. Here's a quick pic I took of my legs. The quad separation is definitely starting to show which is pretty impressive since my legs are bigger than they've ever been (almost 26 inches).

So far I've gone from 198lb down to 194.5. In a few weeks, I'll hopefully be at 180-185 at 9% and will have reached my goal.


  1. GJDM we need to find more people for deez blogs...srs

    Good luck with your cut bro, take it slow and steady though

    My body is ready:

  2. what kind of pre and post workout foods do you eat?

  3. I think you are better than most mmmm